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Answering the Question of Why Church on the Street?.

The vision and the mission of Church on the Street is to go where Jesus would go, walk where Jesus would walk and follow the command to “ Go OUT into all the world...... “ Mark 16:15
For generations we have encouraged those that sit in our pews week after week to go invite their friends, their families to “come to church”, when in fact the very Word of God declares that we who are called by name are the Church and we as the Church are to go.....
Jeremiah 8:20 is possibly one of the most tragic verses in the bible: “The Harvest has past. The summer is ended. And we are not saved! “ How disastrous a situation is that, how could we as the representatives of Christ on this earth, a people called to purpose for “Such a time as this” sit back and allow that to be the case?
People need Jesus and it falls to us to tell them!
There are so many people who do not go to church. So does it not become the responsibility of the church to go to them? . The basic vision of C.O.T.S. is to bring the presence of Jesus to where the people are. To introduce those that are living with no hope to a life with not just hope but also the promise of a future.
We will sing, preach, testify and invite people to get prayer. We will believe for people to be healed, delivered and set free from bondage right there where they are.
When you pray for someone you do so expecting the God who is to touch them, to bring restoration to them, directly at the place of need, and through that witness the Gospel can be shared. The most amazing and wonderful thing you could ever do is to lead another person to Jesus .
The Church dosnt need another bless me club, it dosnt need anymore people just doing and saying the right things. What the Church needs is men and women who have the passion, the fire and the desire to stand in obedience to to the Word of God and say with conviction “ Here am I Lord, send me” and then to be prepared to go.
Its time to stop playing the game of Christianity from behind the safety of our walls, and simply inviting others to join us. Its time to be visible, to be accountable and to actually do the very thing we have been called to do.

Stan Robertson
​​​​​​​Northampton Town Street Chaplain.

Who We Are.

Church on the Street is a diverse group of people from many backgrounds.
People who know Jesus as their personal Saviour, are established within a fellowship,
and who have been called into this particular ministry with the blessing and agreement
of their individual pastor and/or leadership.
Church on the Streets is not another "church" but a part of the one Church.
The Church to which we all belong.
Our purpose being to take that which we so jealously guard from behind our walls,
out into the market place in line with the command of Scripture to
"Go out into all the world...."
To bring restoration, healing, hope and salvation to absolutely everyone,
without prejudice or exception.

We believe that the power of the Gospel, in its simplicity can, and will break
the chains that bind every man, woman and child regardless of the life they lead,
the past they have had or the choices that have been made.

We believe that God has a plan and a purpose for every prostitute, every pimp,
every dealer, every rough sleeper, every commuter, every shop keeper and passer by
that we come into contact with and that He desires to meet them right where they are at.

All that are involved within this ministry and all those who come to faith through it
will be encouraged and expected to be and remain established within a local fellowship
for growth and discipleship.
Anyone and everyone is welcome to Come along and join us, to worship with us,
to be a part of Gods purpose and plan in bringing restoration to the streets and the Gospel
to those who otherwise may not hear it.

The intention is to meet every Sunday on the Market Square in Northampton
from 8.30 till 10.00. Alongside this we are planning outreach events one Saturday a month
at the Semilong and Abington Community Centers as part of the Blank Canvas Outreach Mission.

The team are also active throughout the week, pastoring, counselling and praying
with the street community, all of whom are very much members of this congregation,
until such time as they choose to join with one of the local fellowships
Making that place their spiritual home.

If you are a committed Christian, a member of a fellowship and firmly grounded in your faith,
you are very welcome to become part of the C.O.T.S. team should you feel God is calling
you to this ministry.
We will however need confirmation from your leadership/minister as to whether this
would be the right choice for you. But would be more than happy to talk to you about
what we do and what this ministry involves.

Our Team.

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 Our team at present is quite a small one, and currently consists of members from a few local fellowships, including membersof the Polish Catholic Church. Church of God of Prophecy and the Jesus Fellowship.

C.O.T.S. is open to all established and grounded Christians, regardless of place of worship.

Church on the Streets is headed up by Stan Robertson, Northampton Town Street Chaplain, visionary for Blank Canvas Mission and Project lead for Project 16:15. He can be contacted directly at:

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Do you believe you are called for such a time as this?

Church on the Street is not denominational, it is not bound by any "way of doing things", it has no walls, no borders, no prejudice and is open to all who are established within a local fellowship and grounded in their faith to get involved within our outreach programs, provided the following criteria are met:

Is C.O.T.S. For You?

1.      You must be a member or established within a fellowship
2.     Your leadership must consent to your involment with C.O.T.S.
3.     C.O.T.S. at no time can replace your home fellowship
4.     You must hold to the Statement of Faith we hold to.
5.     You agree that whilst in the Mission Field you come under the authority of  the leadership team.

C.O.T.S. Needs Your Support.

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Direct Debit

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Blank Canvas Mission Account


The work of Church on the Street is a full time Ministry. Its purpose to bring those that are lost and outside of the Church into its loving and open arms.
The leadership and team serve the whole body of Christ across Northampton and is made up of members from a variety of denominations, backgrounds, cultures and traditions.
We see every single person that lives on, works in and passes through the streets of Northampton as members of this congregation and desire to see them all enter into fellowship at the place that is right for them, and where they can be Discipled in line with the teachings of Scripture.
In order to do this effectivly we need regular donations from the Body of Christ, to support us and to help cover costs of Mission events alongside other needed expenses.

Please Help Where You Can.


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We are more than happy to come along and share with you our work, and recieve any donations you feel to give towards this Mission field.

Direct Donations

This Mission field is dependent on donations to stay working on the streets.

There are a number of ways you can donate!

  • By direct debit from your account into ours…
  • By donating using the “Donate Now” button on this website.
    Simply press the button and follow the prompts to use our link with PayPal.
  • Through direct cash donations.

"God does not sit with sitters but He goes with goers. "So lets" pluder Hell,populate Heaven.

- Reinnard Bonnke -



To find where to locate C.O.T.S. at any given time, or to contact the leadership please submit the contact form.


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Our Statement of Faith.

We believe there is one God, who exists eternally in three distinct but equal persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is unchangeable in his holiness, justice, wisdom and love. He is the almighty Creator; Saviour and Judge who sustains and governs all things according to his sovereign will for his own glory.


God has revealed himself in the Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testaments alone. Every word was inspired by God through human authors, so that the Bible as originally given is in its entirety the Word of God, without error and fully reliable in fact and doctrine. The Bible alone speaks with final authority and is always sufficient for all matters of belief and practice.

The Bible

The Human Race

As a result of the fall of our first parents, every aspect of human nature has been corrupted and all men and women are without spiritual life, guilty sinners and hostile to God. Every person is therefore under the just condemnation of God and needs to be born again, forgiven and reconciled to God in order to know and please him

The Lord Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, and lived a sinless life in obedience to the Father. He taught with authority and all his words are true. On the cross he died in the place of sinners, bearing God’s punishment for their sin, redeeming them by his blood. He rose from the dead and in his resurrection body ascended into heaven where he is exalted as Lord of all. He intercedes for his people in the presence of the Father.


Salvation is entirely a work of God’s grace and cannot be earned or deserved. It has been accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ and is offered to all in the gospel. God in his love forgives sinners whom he calls, granting them repentance and faith. All who believe in Christ are justified by faith alone, adopted into the family of God and receive eternal life

The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit has been sent from heaven to glorify Christ and to apply his work of salvation. He convicts sinners, imparts spiritual life and gives a true understanding of the Scriptures. He indwells all believers, brings assurance of salvation and produces increasing likeness to Christ. He builds up the Church and empowers its members for worship, service and mission.

The Church

The universal Church is the body of which Christ is the head and to which all who are saved belong. It is made visible in local fellowships, which are congregations of believers who are committed to each other for the worship of God, the preaching of the Word, the administering of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper; for pastoral care and discipline, and for evangelism. The unity of the body of Christ is expressed within and between all members of the one Church by mutual love, care and encouragement. True fellowship within the Church exists only where all are faithful to the gospel.

Baptism and Communion

Baptism and Communiom have been given to the church by Christ as visible signs of the gospel. Baptism is a symbol of union with Christ and entry into his Church but does not impart spiritual life. Communion is a commemoration of Christ’s sacrifice offered once for all and involves no change in the bread and wine. All its blessings are received by faith.

The Future

The Lord Jesus Christ will return in glory. He will raise the dead and judge the world in righteousness. Those who have rejected  salvation in Christ will suffer an eternity seperated from God. Those declared  righteous, however will be welcomed into eternal life in fellowship with God, who will make all things new and will be glorified forever.

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